Virgo New Moon – Smooth Running of the World

Virgo New Moon observes, analyzes and modifies what does not contribute, does not work and does not produce to the desired standards. The quickest and most accurate identification of flaws results in a positioning in line with our ambitions and practical goals, and the key to full success lies in everyone’s ability not to identify with their own shortcomings and mistakes and to use observations and criticisms to their own advantage.

Virgo New Moon in conjunction with Mars fuels the impulse to act and facilitates our transition, showing us in a short time what everyday reality might look like if we corrected deviations and channeled energy constantly to the most important and more useful activities. Prioritization, a process that causes confusion and anxiety, is an essential necessity to determine how much, in what way and for what I allocate time, attention and effort.

Mercury in Libra, the ruler of the New Moon, in trine with Saturn rx in Aquarius, revises older ideas and plans, changing the way we communicate and present. Originality and innovation lead to an unexpected success if we manage to transmit not only the information, but also what effect or purpose it has in concrete terms. Attempts to reach a certain group of people result in a visible improvement not only in the expression of ideas, concepts, plans, but also in the personal relationship with them.

Venus in Libra in trine with Jupiter rx in Aquarius ensures popularity and the chance to impress and attract attention through unique forms and visions. Growth opportunities appear like mushrooms after the rain when we open our minds and souls to the fundamental values of humanity – beauty, truth, peace and good. Personal, creative and professional collaborations gain in importance if we consider not only the near future, but also the distant one.

The combination of planets in Virgo, Libra and Aquarius results in an interesting overlap of practical, aesthetic and social aspects and a revitalization of the personal and collective past. Returning to a more authentic and organic modus vivendi is part of the current challenges of the individual and the system, and the material, financial, spiritual, emotional or artistic contribution of each of us means participation in the smooth running of the world.

Illustration by Angi Petrescu Tipărescu