Aries New Moon – Mental Earthquake

Aries New Moon (March 21st, 2023 h17:22 UT) reduces the possibilities artificially maintained by an undisciplined mind and increases the chances of success due to the unification of two or more points of view. The masks under which our fears and pride have disguised themselves fall one after another when courage and honor become vectors of action.

Mars in Gemini, ruler of the Aries New Moon, in square with it, produces a mental earthquake whose force can tear down barriers or strengthen defenses. The compulsive attack-withdrawal or seduction-abandonment movement is a dance in two beats whose rhythm can be interrupted by clarity and decision. The illusion of multiple options generates an imagined and unlived reality and freezes the natural course of psychic growth.

Aries New Moon conjunct Mercury in Aries produces bold ideas and sets competitive goals. Quickness of response and self-assurance indicate a superior level of knowledge, skill and craftsmanship. Although controversies and sides are easily taken and broken, natural selection will favor those who will know what, how and to whom to give information. Anxiety and intolerance of criticism or remarks can spark wars whose real cause is our childish sensitivity.

Mercury in Aries squaring Mars in Gemini simultaneously hits the accelerator and the brakes, causing confusion and irritation. The fear of missing a better opportunity and the difficulty of controlling the aggressive impulse compel us to act before we have a more complex perspective and strategy to match. Alliances made for the sake of momentary interest break at the first sign of disagreement or control. Finding excuses for failure in ideas you caught on the fly encourages repetition of a well-known script.

Mars in Gemini trining Saturn in Pisces crystallizes much of the conceptual duality that hides strong emotional conflicts. The pairs of oppositions (love-hate, birth-death, day-night) begin to unravel from the bundle of knowledge learned and taken as granted, leaving room for a new paradigm. Empathy softens reason ready to go to war with anyone who does not obey the same rules or with those who want to forgive instead of punish.

Venus in Taurus sextiling Saturn in Pisces seeks to heal body and soul by reconciling desires with reality. Simple and wholesome pleasures are the sign of harmony both with one’s own nature and with Mother Nature. The relationship of love and care with our being and with those close to us thus becomes the crucible in which the New Man can complete his mission.

Painting by Florescu Octavian