Pisces Full Moon – The Spell

The Pisces Full Moon metamorphoses almost like a spell a projection, an ideal or a fixism that has contributed, over time, to many disappointments, failures and recurrences. The therapeutic value of the experience is given by the immense emotional discharge, conscious or not, that accompanies the process of emotional release and detoxification, preparing the psychic soil for the next stage of growth. The Sun in Virgo, attentive to detail and the smooth running of things, imprints a practical and immediate character to the Full Moon in Pisces, helping it to develop its potential.

The Pisces Full Moon opposing Mars in Libra activates the need for co-dependent symbiosis that directly conflicts with the attempt to reconcile and harmonize the parties involved. Mars in Libra, willing to compromise and understand a different point of view, does not give in to pressure and emotional blackmail, but will seek to align with balanced and balancing people or principles. Tears and tearful arguments risk breaking the fragile sway that we have conquered with difficulty.

Jupiter rx in Aquarius, the ruler of the Pisces Full Moon, in trine with Mercury in Libra, supports friendly, almost impersonal conversations, and helps to put forward plans for the future and current intentions. Mercury will retrograde from September 27th to October 19th, returning in direct motion at the same time as Jupiter and resuming important topics of this period. The few weeks of reflection and introspection will help clarify some key issues for the next level.

The Sun in Virgo – Mars in Libra conjunction in trine with Saturn rx in Aquarius protects projects whose shape is just beginning to be seen, maintaining a slow and safe rhythm. Strengthening relationships, collaborations and partnerships will be successful only if we are willing to learn from the lessons of the past, get out of the comfort zone and act differently. Mistakes and oversights must be corrected on the fly, without too much fuss, and adjustments help to smooth out roughness and overcome obstacles.

Venus in Scorpio in square with Saturn rx in Aquarius unravel bad and harmful habits through some observations and / or harsh consequences about us or of our behavior. Seduction, the weapon that Venus compulsively uses, is neither rewarded nor appreciated by the serious Saturn who seeks maturity and assumption. The game of pride, destructive and corrosive, finds its end either by strengthening the bond or by destroying it.

The Fates by Romeo Ionescu