Libra Full Moon – Contraries’ opposition

Libra Full Moon (April 6th, 2023 h04:34 UT) imprints in personal and collective memory a last effort made to restore a healthy and natural balance in close relationships. Whether we are talking about family or marriages, colleagues or relatives, the psychic movement that prepares a new position of the self is unstoppable in the face of pressures from within and without.

From the opposition of the contraries, a third variant is born, a heterogeneous and flexible mixture much better equipped and prepared to face the ever-changing reality. Growth, autonomy and the desire to be the master of its own life are engines that push relational limits and personal integrity to the maximum. The need to belong to a group, a community, a person is analyzed and weighed according to new standards of evaluation.

The awareness of a living and exuberant part of our soul that is just waiting to make its way through life is the result of intense work. Losing childlike innocence and stepping out of narcissistic grandiosity gives way to a sense of authenticity and simplicity that rests and heals. “I can” is no longer a mantra whose repetition induces a state of false omnipotence, but becomes a creed on which a new edifice of personality can be built.

Safety and comfort take a backseat, and the demands of the present force an efficient retraction and organization of resources, energy and time. What was once valuable and impossible to let go of now becomes burdensome, groundless and limiting. The illusion of financial, professional and material stability unfurls its tentacles around separation anxiety and fear of loss, leaving in its place a ruin we are ready to leave.

The conceptualization of money, abundance, success involves a grip on reality that either frightens or empowers. Toxic habits of chaotically accumulating objects, people, pleasures, and life substance are best seen in a simple inventory. The psychic black hole that constantly demands new and new “sacrifices” loses its strength as we disidentify with who we thought we were and allow ourselves to be rebuild.

Sometimes the only way to move forward is to go back in time and retrieve memories that change the current perspective. An emotional weakness, vulnerability, or dependency is not a fundamental flaw, but a life experience meant to enrich in ways other than money. Compromises between needs and indulgences respect both well-being and family or domestic responsibilities.

The story of the happy family and idyllic childhood cracks under the inevitable pressure of the end of the Saturnian cycle. Dealing with family and intergenerational trauma opens up sequences of therapeutic exploration that would have been impossible to imagine a few months ago. The past dues of the predecessors become the exams we have to take in front of life. Libra Full Moon

The look of the third eye by Victor Cupșa