About me

Elis Durica started her public activity in 2015 and the first online project, Oya’s Arcana, familiarized the audience with her original interpretations. In 2016 she laid the foundations for a new virtual platform, Astrology of Renaissance, that gathered around a community constantly expanding. In 2018 her entire experience and knowledge were reunited under the umbrella of her personal identity, resulting the site and YouTube channel bearing her name.
• 2007 first steps in astrology
• 2012 Fidelia School’s natal astrology class
• 2013 BA in Psychology, University of Bucharest
• 2013 Christopher Warnock’s natal Renaissance Astrology class
Passions and interests: astrology, tarot, occultism, abyssal psychology, mythology, archetypes, symbolism, ethnology and folklore, shamanism and anthropology.