Taurus New Moon – Natural Philosophy

Taurus New Moon (19th May, 2023, h15:53 UT) honors Jupiter’s ingress, the great benefic, into the sign of pleasures, senses, sensuality, material values and stability. Celebrating the Jupiter transit that begins on May 16th, 2023 and ends on May 25th, 2024, Taurus New Moon slows down the fast pace of everyday life and turns its healing attention to the body and sensation function.

A false guilt works its way to the surface of the psyche, masking a sense of family’s duty that has kept us stuck for decades or generations. The fear of losing something irretrievable or something that never existed fuels a separation anxiety that over time becomes a filter for our choices and decisions.

The descent into concrete reality is made either by willingly renouncing the illusions of the last 30 years, or by confronting the provocative phantasms of disappointments, depressions and suffering. The confusion between healthy and sick, between overcoming and repressing, between what is possible and what is desirable is an indication of the inner chaos that threatens to collapse and sink into amorphous nothingness.

A deep and nurturing relationship for the soul provides the framework in which we can relive certain traumatic experiences without feeling judged, blamed, or rejected. Compassion and empathy, often misunderstood, misinterpreted and misevaluated, mend a highly fragile emotional tissue through which life, hope and love have leaked.

Power struggles, rivalry, secrets, material gains, and over-eroticism are all about being trapped in a potentially destructive relationship or subpersonality. Freedom of expression, of autonomy and of principle is permanently undermined by appeals to the past, to the bonds formed then and to artificially created guilt. The leap forward can only be made by renouncing preconceived ideas, fixations and personal conceits.

By respecting personal needs and limits, improving the quality of life and adopting a natural and holistic philosophy we approach the personal truth, the only one capable of transforming and restoring the lost unity. The chances to get out of the intellectual, spiritual, psychological or physical comfort zone are lifesaviors and generators of new, more sustainable and satisfying realities.

Seasons by Petre Botezatu