Scorpio Full Moon – Addiction

Scorpio Full Moon (May 5th, 2023 h17:33 UT) uproots an overgrown and invasive psychic weed, generating a vacuum of power that for the moment does not need to be fed. The tendency to replace one relationship with another creates the ideal framework for endlessly perpetuating a toxic, violent and abusive dynamic. In trying to cope with internal and external pressure, we find ourselves blindly driven by the same unconscious ideas or feelings that we want to be freed from.

The familiar and the dependence on it makes an easy and pleasant separation extremely difficult, and the feelings of guilt, shame, anger, envy and destructiveness signal the deep wound. Taping emotional withdrawal must be approached carefully and responsibly, and care for the most vulnerable and innocent part of us made a priority. The optimal treatment is one that contains cures for both soul and body, unifying soma and psyche.

Control, manipulation and selfishness are part of a reality that we want to renounce for good, and the desperation of radical gestures is nothing more than a limit that has been crossed too many times. The compulsion to cling to what you know and repeat the drama with the same ending is a defense against feelings of helplessness, dread, and collapse. What we don’t know is that we have already been through the unimaginable and survived breaking a part of ourselves that now demands to be reclaimed and restored.

The refusal to communicate on any level other than the practical, immediate and concrete raises insurmountable barriers between those who seek a dialogue and those who are satisfied with their own explanations. The balance of power shifts when we let go of waiting and demanding understanding, availability and mental flexibility. Sometimes it is enough to find the answers within yourself and accept them as such, and the body is the surest barometer for assessing honesty.

The dissolution of illusions formed many decades ago signals the beginning of relational triage, both actual and potential. Between what is ideal and what is appropriate there is a chasm that can only be crossed by building a bridge. The union of the two parts requires a sacrifice that only those who are emotionally mature and committed to an authentic path of self-knowledge can make, and which will lead over time to stability and self-satisfaction.

Superficiality and impulsiveness are traits that we admire and desire in certain contexts, but which can hold captive a vulnerable, wandering and infatuated psyche. The self-sufficiency characteristic of some is actually a cage of false gold that the brighter it shines, the more worthless and lifeless it is.

Indiscreet by Eugenia Leca Botezatu