Aquarius Full Moon – Sudden Brake

Aquarius Full Moon brings us to a turning point and changes our future plans due to errors of judgment or far too optimistic expectations. The sudden brake triggered by an external intervention shows us that the process cannot continue without returning to some aspects and details that we have treated superficially or completely ignored.

Saturn rx in Aquarius, the ruler of the Full Moon, in conjunction with the Full Moon ensures that creative drive and ambition do not stand in the way of professionalism, quality and progress. What seems to be an insurmountable barrier is a difficult choice, and the lack of time or tools to operate the required changes creates pressure and insecurity.

Saturn rx in Aquarius in opposition to Sun in Leo proves that even the brightest ideas and intentions fade in the face of reality, and the rich imagination is not the guarantor of an excellent result. Personal pride takes a cold shower and a strong reset of strategy and attitude towards this temporary failure is needed.

Mercury in Cancer in opposition to the Aquarius Full Moon rummages through the drawers of the mind in search of unique images, symbols and solutions, different from the already beaten path and known patterns. Mental or emotional blockage is due to a hasty anticipation or incomplete perspective rather than a lack of resources or ingenuity.

Venus in Virgo opposed to Jupiter rx in Pisces contributes to the general atmosphere of stagnation by amplifying the desire to repair, modify or resume some details whose appearance, impact or role does not satisfy our desire for perfection. Finding winning options depends on the willingness to try several times and to combine what we have available in such a way as to create a new form, method or relationship.

Mars in Leo opposed to Jupiter rx in Pisces fuels a fantasy that takes time, patience and attention to materialize. Direct attack is a waste of time and energy in a context where we are pushed to act with tact, calm and understanding. Compromises, no matter how unhappy or impossible they seem to us now, will prove to be the saving card in a game in which we are currently losing ground.

Tower by Ovidiu Avram