Scorpio New Moon – Dark Path

The Scorpio New Moon (October 25th, 2022 h10:48UT) peels away the layers of superficiality and frivolity that have beautifully dressed up the image of ourselves and our relationships, plunging headfirst into the deep and poisonous waters of personal and collective trauma. Illuminating the dark path to the depths of the soul, the Scorpio New Moon openly and radically tests the loyalty, sincerity and verticality of characters.

The Scorpio New Moon conjunct Venus bravely and surprisingly exposes complex and difficult experiences for those who seek only easy pleasures and quick fixes, inviting to know a mysterious and deep inner reality. Grudge, jealousy, envy, and takeover can be seen and understood from a subjective perspective that punishes and blames, or from a compassionate perspective that allows for genuine transformation.

The Scorpio New Moon conjunct Mercury in Libra can initiate conversations and convey highly sensitive and painful information in a diplomatic and cautious way, so as not to cause an emotional explosion that either removes or destroys potential. Penetrating the other’s hidden realm is a true masterwork, any dubious intention or stimulating word can trigger a backlash and nuclear war.

The Scorpio New Moon trining Mars in Gemini, its ruler, emphasizes the double modality, the double meaning or two people between whom a choice is required. But the confusion will begin on October 30th, when Mars will retrograde, and will make it very complicated to take a decision. Discussions are the terrain on which this subchapter will take shape and will later be introduced into the great book of life, under the lesson and/or relationship category. Mental dodging, Mars in Gemini’s weapon of choice, won’t be able to pull off a clean slate or fool the other’s focused attention and keen observation.

The trine between Mercury in Libra, Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius enshrines what we say and is the cornerstone for those who want to be taken seriously and treated as such. Mind games, non-assuming and verbal manipulation are not tolerated in this sensitive and potentially explosive or constructive context. The tests that we have cheated by various means are still waiting to be passed, but the conditions are no longer influenced by personal preferences, but by those of the vigilant psyche.

Jupiter rx in Aries squaring Mars in Gemini highlights dishonest methods of getting what we want, imposing our will and taking control. Moral and ethical principles are replaced by a conqueror mentality for which the consequences of actions are part of the landscape of war, and the possibility of avoiding or taming one’s nature causes panic, anxiety and fear of ridicule. Soon Jupiter will re-enter Pisces and gently examine those character traits that push us to be ambivalent, indecisive and immature, offering us the wisest solutions.

Art by Eli Salamon