Aries Full Moon – Fire Trial

The Aries Full Moon (October 9th, 2022 h20:54 GMT) motivates a series of actions and behaviors whose role is to change personal and social perspective and conduct. The desire to do differently, to try various options, draws its energy from frustrations and dissatisfactions with the results of our compromises and efforts. The tendency to focus only on our own needs and aspirations shows how little we are willing to listen, make space and consider what is important to the other.

The Aries Full Moon in sextile to Mars in Gemini, its ruler, surprises with the spontaneity of situations and interactions that generate enough will to enact several versions of reality. Everyone’s contributions are appreciated to the extent that a certain level of depth is not exceeded and the emotional distance that does not allow the development of secure and resistant attachments is maintained. The multiple possibilities are tempting and the certainty that we will be able to meet current and future demands could interfere with natural prudence and doubts.

The Aries Full Moon in sextile to Saturn rx in Aquarius gathers from past experiences those teachings that it wants to implement in a new form and with immediate effects. The trap is to believe that once we understand an aspect, the pattern of which it is a part of changes by itself, without the need for sustained intervention, self-observation and constant objective evaluation.

Mars in Gemini in trine to Venus in Libra makes a clear choice difficult, and the conflict could be moral, aesthetic or financial in nature. The availability of one party facilitates a dynamic, possibly triangular, that pushes the formal framework into the background and prepares the ground for intense and passionate experiences, despite the diplomacy and self-control of the moment. Duality and hesitation in making a decision will be evident from late October to mid-January 2023 due to retrograde Mars in Gemini.

Venus in Libra in trine to Saturn rx in Aquarius faces an older issue involving the future and its foundations, our place in a relationship, the principles and values that guide us in choosing and keeping someone long-term in our lives . Negotiations may take longer than originally anticipated, and the rules will be modified according to the new emerging psychic structure and better adaptation to reality, age, and status.

Mercury in Virgo in opposition to Jupiter rx in Aries hatches for the last time those fine details that will help in the coming weeks for better communication, understanding and interpretation of information. The establishment of ethical rules is part of a process of self-discovery that will involve in the near future their dissolution due to unconsciousness, confusion or loss of self. Exploring an episode from childhood or inherited from another generation helps to integrate a missing part of our personality and to get out of an ideational labyrinth.

Moon in Aries in opposition to Venus in Libra makes it difficult to plot tasks because either one of the parties focuses only on itself, or within us there is an open conflict between me and you, between me and the other. Impetuosity does not play well with harmony and balance, and the trial by fire will come in a moment of carelessness, vulnerability or arrogance.

Art by Paula Tudor