Taurus Full Moon – Living Matter

Taurus Full Moon (November 8th, 2022, h13:01 UT) blows up value systems preserved over generations for the sake of the past and comfort rather than efficiency and satisfying results. The importance of money, possessions, lifestyle and personal satisfaction crosses a critical threshold beyond which lies the new, the changing and the unpredictable. The stability so sought after and appreciated by the earth sign gives way to shocks, surprises and ideas that are out of the ordinary, risky or crazy, but no less interesting and challenging.

Taurus Full Moon conjunct Uranus rx leaves no room for ambiguity or vagueness, especially if it is a pattern fixed in the living matter of individual existence. The violence of the impact between desire and reality, between pleasures and their long-term costs, is felt on a level that has long been prepared but never revealed, analyzed and clarified as now. As much as we want to avoid a disturbing truth, our mind picks up on that information that will take over our imagination and inner voice, forcing us to look at ourselves through a filter different from everything we know.

Taurus Full Moon in opposition to Venus in Scorpio, its ruler, makes the power play take on increasingly risky and profound valences, with the soul and its natural needs at stake. Jealousy, possessiveness, stubbornness or pride only complicate an interaction that normally should not have gone beyond certain limits, but greed, ambition and control have taken over the wills of the protagonists. Obsessions generate unusual behaviors, inconsistent with the self-image, and the balance of power changes from day to day due to the breaking of a vicious chain that gives way under the enormous pressure of reality.

Taurus Full Moon in opposition to Mercury in Scorpio does not give in to subtle threats, emotional blackmail and manipulation, pretending not to understand or not to hear what is being communicated. Arguments built on the guilt, shame, or fault of the other further deepen the gaping chasm between those who want to embrace the new and those who want to maintain a status quo that allows them to retain power and do as they please.

Taurus Full Moon squared by Saturn in Aquarius cools down the affection, care, and emotional involvement that until recently existed as a matter-of-course, without being properly appreciated and cultivated. Personal or relational growth can be done according to a few simple and time-tested rules, and failure to follow them leads to separations, divorces and serious dissatisfaction. Hedonism and duty must find common ground on which to relativize and assume roles consistent with who we are today, not who we were in the past.

Saturn in Aquarius squared by Venus in Scorpio accentuates the immaturity and irresponsibility whose roots are firmly stuck in an infantile narcissism that we no longer remember, but which we relive every time we cannot accept a different point of view, some advice or a rule. The upsets and tantrums only highlight even more what we want to keep hidden from our eyes and the world’s eyes, namely how we use the power of seduction, intuition and personal magnetism to impose and receive what we crave.

The Empress by Diana Condurache