Scorpio New Moon – Dangerous Game

The Scorpio New Moon dismantles piece by piece the strongest defenses that the mind has built to protect us from the ravages of intense, tumultuous and chaotic emotions. Strong, instinctual desires are denied or rejected by a reality that we cannot control or dominate, no matter how subtle and refined the tactics of manipulation and influence.

Mars in Scorpio, ruler of the Scorpio New Moon, in conjunction with the New Moon, potentiates the deep, transformative feelings, and outlines a complex and painful inner dynamic, in which we are in turn persecutors and persecuted. Sexual attraction reaches a new peak, and the game of power becomes a deadly and dangerous one. Adaptation and acceptance seem impossible goals at the moment, and what we live dissects our soul with the precision of a well-trained surgeon.

The Scorpio New Moon squaring Saturn in Aquarius hits personal limits and restrictions that we cannot control. The actions and decisions of others are completely out of our reach, which is why frustration and suffering increase in direct proportion. Placing on a different structure, more realistic and simpler, can generate in time a better grip on the concrete dimension of existence and fewer personal crises.

Mars in Scorpio squaring Saturn in Aquarius rejects the idea of superpersonal power and tries by all means to get what it wants more than anything. Ambition and will are insufficient in this astral context, and the lesson we receive is one of humility and modesty, patience and rules. The violent clash between the two malefic planets, in their own signs, leaves deep marks on the fragile layer of the ego and forces it to admit its own weaknesses.

Mercury in Libra trining Jupiter in Aquarius seeks harmony and understanding in a dispute that does not allow negotiations or taking of prisoners. High principles fade in the face of a torrent of raw, animal feelings, hidden too long in the corners of the personality, and attempts at reconciliation or balancing will soon become a memory that will provoke anger and resentment.

Venus in Capricorn sextiling Mercury in Libra and Mars in Scorpio is attentive to what is happening behind the scenes, pursuing her own interests and seeking to ally with the strongest. Focusing on professional goals and strategic collaborations can be ways of adjusting to a new reality, one in which infantile reactions and moods are taxed by harsh observations and significant loss of opportunities.

The Black Swan by Mihaela Știrbu