Aries Full Moon – Conflicting roots

Aries Full Moon in Aries separates what is mine from what is ours and puts pressure on the immediate resolution of interpersonal ambiguities. The urge to escape and completely break away from people whose presence arouses strong and compulsive emotions is counteracted by man’s natural tendency to form social, romantic, erotic, business and family ties.

Aries Full Moon opposing Mars in Libra makes it hard to maintain emotional balance and creates the ideal setting to manifest our feelings in the most authentic and unfiltered way. Current situations have strong conflicting roots that make objective perspective and discernment difficult, and the potential for explosive feelings is maximum. The conviction that I can handle it by myself is dismantled by the countless coincidences, signs and events that have the role of opening our eyes to a personal reality barely intuited or completely unconscious.

Aries Full Moon squaring Saturn in Aquarius limits the fast and energetic actions, allowing a very narrow range of options that brings us face to face with our past, fears and weaknesses. The indifferent or arrogant attitude unnecessarily worsens the general atmosphere and delays the solution of a problem that transcends personal boundaries. Every childish manifestation is taxed harshly and ruthlessly by life and by those around them, whose patience has come to an end.

Mars in Libra, the ruler of the Full Moon, trining Jupiter in Aquarius, seeks logical solutions to heart problems and strengthens friendships and alliances that give us freedom of expression and behavior according to our nature. Diplomacy, attention to the other and tact are winning cards in this world of appearances. Mars conjunct the Sun in Libra weighs the benefits that certain relationships bring us and calculates their growth possibilities.

Mercury in Libra sextiling Venus in Sagittarius seeks answers in the distant horizons of being, consciousness and spirituality, and proposes a complex and bold approach. Identifying superspersonal elements and themes is the first step in the direction of an interpretation based not only on facts, but also on symbols and intuitive imagination. The process of exploration is a means of self-knowledge whose stages are actually the deep layers of the soul with its countless past and future ramifications.

Illustration by Marinela Boicu