Taurus Full Moon – Dark Matter

The Taurus Full Moon wakes up on the eve of winter feelings and sensations that we want consumed, forgotten or sublimated, but which came back to life unexpectedly. Conscious identification with a single dimension of life and brutal ignorance or repression of instincts causes the emotional impact to produce anxiety, panic, fear, shame and guilt, a web of autonomous complexes through which we lose ourselves without a good knowledge of the inner space.

The Taurus Full Moon squaring Jupiter in Aquarius forces a collaboration between mind and body whose middle point is the correct understanding of material, financial and erotic needs and desires. The conflict generated by comfortable choices is exposed to the light of conscience and seen from both angles, losses and gains. Running away from intense, complicated and troubled feelings consumes more and more resources, leaving us exposed and vulnerable to personal fears and weaknesses.

The Taurus Full Moon opposing Mercury in Scorpio leaves no undissected aspect, penetrating the depths of the soul and causing storms and earthquakes felt in the body, dreams and vital energy. Interpreting the other’s motivations and actions is a detective’s job in which intuition and flair are more important than the endless conversations that lead to the same deadend. Seeing in the darkness of the psychic universe scares, fascinates and invades the self with obscure matter.

Venus in Capricorn, the ruler of the Full Moon, sextiling with Mars in Scorpio calculates her possible gains from various relationships and chooses only what practically contributes to the improvement of professional and personal life. The ability not to be influenced or seduced by the gravitational force of destructive energy and to anchor yourself in the real values of your life is what will help you refocus after each violent manifestation of poisonous affects.

Mercury in Scorpio squaring Jupiter in Aquarius uses its subtle tactics to penetrate the position of intellectual authority and destabilize. The appearance of new information can arouse curiosity and make you think, but the real danger is in the overly optimistic assessment of what we know and what we can. The cautious, careful and slow approach, and the time needed to give an answer or react helps to tip the scales in favor of the one who knows how to wait and anticipate the other’s movements.

Sculpture by Pasaniuc Sorinel