Sagittarius New Moon – Fulfilling potential

Sagittarius New Moon (November 23rd, 2022 h22:57 UT) offers the opportunity for an unprecedented spiritual, psychological or professional expansion, provided that a deep fear is overcome. To say no to a major opportunity is to refuse the change necessary for evolution and to remain a prisoner of grandiose ideas that feed narcissism and weaken one’s grip on reality, resulting in confusion, insecurity and instability.

Sagittarius New Moon in trine with Jupiter rx in Pisces, its ruler, leaves painful and mutilating memories behind and opens up new therapeutic sequences for those in a process of inner searching. The reward for the courage to take on an office, a position, a belief or a principle is beyond expectation, with Jupiter coming out of retrograde 6 minutes after the New Moon and amplifying the experiences and impact of our decisions.

The Mercury-Venus conjunction in Sagittarius makes our message reach further than we imagined, touching not only the imagination but also the hearts of people. Wisdom, knowledge, and broad perspective are keys to unlocking minds enslaved by ignorance, superficiality, and bigotry. and words have the power to kindle real fires that either purify or scorch.

The quadruple conjunction -Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury- in Sagittarius establishes a new era and marks the end of a cycle that began 12 years ago, consecrating those interests, activities and passions that have passed the test of time and grafted onto both our personality and lifestyle. Physical and mental energy that has been blocked in certain symptoms and doubts is released in new directions and purposes, consistent with the current life plan and with who we have become.

Jupiter almost direct in Pisces in square with Mars rx in Gemini unifies conflicting tendencies and places compassion and right judgment before the split will of the fragile and immature ego. The saying “he who chases after two rabbits catches neither” fits this astral context and warns against the failure to go in parallel with two options, in reality neither one being good enough.

Mars rx in Gemini in trine with Saturn in Aquarius applies the rule of three to existential unknowns, arriving at the correct result through various reasonings. Obligations are demanded to be respected and taken seriously, and the thin arguments, emergency exits and ambiguous expression that we used as defenses and subterfuges fall before the demands and exigencies of life. The will placed at the service of a superior and ordering principle is the guarantor of success and the formula for the fulfillment of potential.

Morgana by Angela Szabo