Gemini Full Moon – Half Truths

Gemini Full Moon (December 8th, 2022 h04:07 UT) releases smoldering tension with a verbal outburst and an avalanche of questions and answers that clear up misunderstandings or poor communication in recent months. Messages with double meaning, the inability to put into words what we think and feel, the desire to get out as quickly as possible from conflictual situations in which we participated more or less passively are the mark of superficiality, illusion and psycho-somatic schism.

Gemini Full Moon trining Saturn in Aquarius sets the framework within which a certain activity or conversation can take place, allowing no deviations or excuses that place the responsibility on someone else’s shoulders. Any attempt to take it out of context, support a fantasy story and insist on a childish scenario is quickly detected and corrected, and the consequences are immediate.

Gemini Full Moon conjunct Mars rx retraces a course of several months sprinkled with half-truths and plausible lies that make up an unreal and disappointing picture. Freudian slips and involuntary leakages generate discussions that lead to conclusions about behavior, attachment, and sexuality. Denial as a weapon against consensual and subjective reality no longer works in the face of the flood of evidence pointing to a powerful defragmentation and a massive disorganization.

Sun in Sagittarius opposing Mars rx in Gemini requires taking a stand and assuming the creeds we invoke to prove a point or argue a decision, and sliding from one extreme to the other and using words to manipulate does not go unnoticed and untaxed. Doubts about morality and fairness activate the desire to understand and receive logical explanations about the actions taken.

Mercury in Capricorn, ruler of Gemini Full Moon, conjunct Venus in Sagittarius, masks seriousness and attention with a jovial and good-natured demeanor, constantly recording non-verbal cues and comparing robot portrait to persona. Striking differences make up the psychic reality masked by defenses and fears that isolate and consume vitality, energy, and joy.

Mercury in Capricorn squaring Jupiter in Pisces offers a lesson in what it means to respond maturely and empathetically to the difficulties inherent in life, as well as an opportunity to once again choose those principles and ethical codes by which to guide our conduct. Honest and direct expression accompanied by gentleness has a healing and soothing effect, allowing the Good, the True and the Beautiful to work deeply and transform the raw material of being.

Venus in Sagittarius squaring Jupiter in Pisces keeps intact hope and optimism for a brighter and better future, accepting that every decision plays a role in the unfolding of subsequent events and that only through awareness can we overcome inner blockages. The pioneering work that accompanies this humanitarian endeavor is rewarded by the richness of soul and generosity of spirit we are blessed with when we defeat the egoic will and obey the divine will.

Decameron by Petru Rusu