Pisces New Moon – Martyrdom’s Vocation

The Pisces New Moon unleashes emotions and feelings that remind us of what it means to be human, to be vulnerable and to care about the suffering around you. The vocation of martyrdom, central in the religious sphere, is now materialized in the thousands of lives thrown on the bloody altar of a god thirsty for horror, carnage and chaos. The other side of the divinity, the Father of the Old Testament, stands face to face with his sons and daughters, united by an invisible thread and condemned, like old Job, to endure his wrath, cruelty, and destructive power.

Jupiter in Pisces, the ruler of the New Moon, in conjunction with the New Moon, multiplies the domino effect of the noble principles that survive, despite constant aggression, in the most intimate abode of every man with conscience. In stark contrast to violence and madness, Jupiter in Pisces connects us to that core within our being that illuminates the path of the soul through the night of the unconscious and barbarism, inspiring and spreading a small ray of light and hope for the disheartened, lost and forsaken by the times.

Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius urges us to adhere to deeply humanitarian values not only ideologically but also practically. Assuming our position and arguing it is, especially during this period, a personal and social duty that we are not allowed to miss or trivialize. The question ‘which side am I on and why?’ opens an inner dialogue that can continue with our family members, friends, and loved ones. Ideological slippages and their detrimental influence on the individual and collective cost not only human lives, but also decades of stability, prosperity and peace.

The triple Venus-Mars-Pluton conjunction in Capricorn, exact on March 3rd and active until March 7th, builds an extremely dangerous and volatile peak of tension that will leave deep traces in the generations of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The destructive force of Pluto, combined with the thirst for blood of Mars and the cold strategy of Venus, could represent the definitive end of an era and a patriarchal model that has dominated the culture and civilization of the last millennia of history.

“The power of an idea is frightening when it takes possession of a man’s soul.” – Gala Galaction

“Unbridled power commits injustice and suffering.” – Nicolae Mareș

“Every time a new power springs up in us, our soul is troubled like the water of a well in which a new spring has flowed.” – Lucian Blaga

Our army, our protectors by Maria Primachenko