Leo Full Moon – Breakingpoint

The Leo Full Moon concentrates at a fixed point the entire load of the period and pushes the limits of emotional and mental endurance to the breaking point. Between pride and humanity, personal desire and the needs of the group, our own and common rules, lies a chasm that expresses the fracture in time between heart and reason, between what animates us and what is logical.

The Leo Full Moon opposing to Saturn in Aquarius shows the path to follow to get out of this huge inner conflict, namely taking responsibility, keeping commitments, and maintaining objectivity in the face of intense feelings and emotional violence. The rules that we implicitly accepted when we signed a paper or made a promise must be restored and put into practice as soon as possible before Saturn begins to punish for arrogance, vanity, and selfishness.

The Sun in conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius fully contributes to the recreation of a reality that in the last 30 years has been turned upside down, misinterpreted or vitiated in its essence. The basic structures of an important human experience, both inherited and directly acquired, need to be corrected and adjusted according to the new premises that are the starting point in the next existential chapter.

Venus in conjunction with Mars in Capricorn helps to set priorities according to material needs and professional ambitions, managing to direct our attention to duty and daily tasks. Major decisions are made in the name of a future that we want in a certain form, depending on the perspective of each of us, and the risk of repeating the same mistake and destroying what we have built with great difficulty and sacrifice is no longer an option.

Venus – Mars in Capricorn in sextile with Jupiter in Pisces softens the rigidity and sets the ideal framework to be able to empathize and sympathize with those parts of us in deep suffering and projected into our rivals and acquaintances. Compassion is not only a path to the soul of the other, but also to our own, and at the same time it can be a way of life that allows understanding, acceptance and gentleness as principles of an existence lived in a human and divine purpose alike.

Depth fire by Angela Roman Popescu