Virgo Full Moon – Detoxification

The Virgo Full Moon places us in the service of a purpose whose ending is not accessible to our reason, but to the intuition that makes an arch over time and unites the present moment with September 2021. Detoxifying the past with its characters, stories and feelings is a necessary task before we begin to visualize a better future, more harmonious relationships and more authentic ways of being.

Mercury in Pisces, the ruler of the Full Moon, in conjunction with Jupiter, prepares the mental space to receive a truth that completely changes the rules of the game and the players. Freed from the deep layers of the psyche, molded in darkness by suffering and sacrifice, experience and wisdom, the saving idea generates an earthquake in our consciousness and causes the ego to adapt and accept its inevitable change.

The Virgo Full Moon in opposition to Jupiter in Pisces unleashes the primordial instincts and floods daily life with complex feelings and remnants of illusions collapsed under the weight of barriers built between objective and subjective reality, between the demands of life and the scenarios of our weaknesses. The one-sided perspectives are brought under the careful and methodical magnifying glass of the Virgo Full Moon which accurately indicates what is not working, is deviating and failing.

The Venus-Mars conjunction in Aquarius aligns the power of decision and action with the love of people and creates a breach in the dormant collective consciousness, narcotized and hypnotized by its own greatness. Humanistic values, so hardly tried and so badly violated, motivate and fuel the free spirits whose desire is not to destroy the enemy, but to maintain the independence on which the entire modern society has been built for almost 200 years.

The conjunction in Aquarius between Venus and Saturn (March 20th – April 5th, 2022) and Mars and Saturn (March 24th – April 15th, 2022) tightens the conditions and requirements imposed by a moral, legal or spiritual authority whose word cannot be disputed, denied or ignored. The consequences of superficial choices, not carefully thought of or not assumed, will strike hard at outdated structures and at those who have refused to grow over time, childishly believing that the world must submit to their own will and that life owes them obedience.

The Butterfly Effect by Andreia Cișmășiu