Libra New Moon – Relational pattern

The Libra New Moon sets an alert pace for the couple’s life and collaborations that reach a climax. The tension increases, and the apparent calm and desire for harmony are shattered by an unexpected blow that contradicts previous statements. The falling sword crushes to the last intention of conciliation and gives way to our true desires and plans, hidden even from ourselves.

The Libra New Moon in conjunction with Mars provokes a polite and sharp dialogue in which certain essential aspects of the relational pattern are highlighted. In the name of fairness and free expression, the parties communicate opinions and impressions that mask real feelings and goals. The precision with which the observations are made is part of a strategy to reestablish the balance of power that has long been tilted to one side only.

The New Moon in trine with Saturn rx in Aquarius opens the framework for approaching older themes that have consolidated so well in our mental structures and created true inner fortresses, indestructible and inflexible. The word, the instrument of reason, moves on an axis whose poles belong to the intellectual sphere, the attempt to understand and transmit the message.

The Libra New Moon in trine with Jupiter rx in Aquarius keeps alive a hope that once was the very basis of the relationship, but now it is rather a naive and unrealistic projection of old and dear aspirations. The common spaces between us and the other are filled with resignation and disappointment, and the leap forward involves the voluntary sacrifice of a part of us identified with an image, a status or a role.

Mercury rx in Libra trining with Jupiter rx in Aquarius takes us back to a past whose traces can still be seen today in our philosophy of life, in our expectations and plans for the future. Analyzing the possibilities and calculating the risks and rewards is a necessary step for the next growth cycle that will start in December. Older ideas reappear in the field of consciousness and take on new, modern forms adapted to current reality.

Venus in Scorpio, the ruler of the New Moon, in square with Jupiter rx in Aquarius amplifies the intense and hopeless feelings and puts pressure on the neuralgic points in the relationship. Objectivity is a challenge for souls tormented by mistrust, whims and hedonism, and the answer may be delayed or completely absent.

Family portrait by Dragoș Pătrașcu