Luna Plină în Pești / Pisces New Moon

Pisces Full Moon – Morgan le Fey

The Pisces Full Moon (September 10th, 2022 h09:58 UT) imprints the beginning of September a surreal air, saturated with illusions, imaginary worlds and dream colors. The inner landscape, on the border between victimization and exaltation, is populated by needs of a religious, spiritual or delusional nature. Desperately waiting for a “miracle” or “good luck” betrays the impotence, ignorance and irresponsibility of the adult in relation to himself, his life and divinity.

The Pisces Full Moon squared by Mars in Gemini hides behind clever words and statements a duality that puts its stamp on both what we feel and what we think. The fear of assuming a singular choice that eliminates temptations and superficiality makes us doubt the impressions we have relied on in our previous actions. Deep, stirring experiences well up from the depths without us having the time or ability to adequately process them and give them a place in the intrapsychic space whose contours are constantly changing.

Jupiter rx in Aries, the ruler of the Pisces Full Moon, in opposition to Mercury rx in Libra, changes the rules of the game on the fly, activating in us the feeling of injustice, of not being understood and respected. Change of mind, double talk, and difficult communication make this period reason enough to step back, revisit initial intentions, and analyze long-term effects. Similar or identical situations direct our attention to unresolved issues, lies and unlearned lessons.

Venus in Virgo squaring Mars in Gemini completes an already unclear picture by demanding thorough explanations and exact details that change at a faster pace than is necessary to form an opinion. Indecision and fickleness turn relationships into love or social games where the winners and losers are one and the same. The insistence on getting from the other what we think we want fuels mistrust and wariness, and the natural tendency is to withdraw and extract ourselves from ambiguous situations.

Mars in Gemini trine’s to Saturn rx in Aquarius remains faithful to an older duty or solemn promise of great importance to our future and its foundation. Despite fears, doubts and escapism, we are constrained by current realities and past experiences to remain faithful to a position that tests our seriousness, resilience and endurance, the ability to concentrate and sustain complex tasks in the medium and long term. If we take the easy way out without even trying to do things differently, we will find ourselves in an even bigger trap, that of repeating the past.

Mercury rx in Libra’s trine to Mars in Gemini puts a stop to an expansionist tendency that is based on either a lot of naivety or indifference to consequences. By rehashing the data of the problem and being patient with us, we will be able to gradually complete a picture whose partial strokes only create anxiety and suspicion. The arguments used yesterday will no longer hold in the face of evidence for which we must make the effort to discover and evaluate correctly.

A Fisherman’s Dream by Vesa Stela