Luna Nouă în Fecioară / Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon – The Illusion of Perfection

The Virgo New Moon sacrifices the tempting illusion of perfection and complacency in favor of a more comprehensive and realistic perspective, hatching portions of the intrapsychic landscape and pointing to possible solutions. The details that we do not see or that we avoid are fine weaves that connect situations, events, relationships and patterns that contain in their very memory the seeds of a new beginning devoid of the previous naivety and indolence.

The Virgo New Moon squared by Mars in Gemini convinces with superficial and invalid arguments those who fixate on trivial matters and refuse to recognize the importance or usefulness of an open and honest conversation. Double talk, indecision, quasi-logical interpretation, puns, and lack of commitment make dialogues one-sided and confusing, with no clear conclusion or satisfying outcome. Actions taken based on the opinions of others will have major consequences between October 30th, 2022 and January 12th, 2023, when Mars retrogrades and unravels the dual position.

Mercury in Libra, the ruler of the Virgo New Moon, in opposition to Jupiter rx in Aries, drives a series of discussions around an older theme, possibly opened 12 years ago, and changes a so-called truth, an inner reality, to its opposite, through the ability to see multiple points of view and weigh them on the balance. Realizing and accepting that we won’t always get an answer to our questions and we won’t always get the apologies we’re due helps to free ourselves mentally and get off the merry-go-round of obsession.

Mercury in Libra trining Mars in Gemini accelerates an inner process the depth of which eludes us and which we considered to be of minor consequence. The messages may be accompanied by statements that make known the intentions of peace and reconciliation, but even if on the surface the tendency is to bury the hatchet and sign a truce, feelings of injustice and rebellion rage right in the middle of the sentence. Future plans that leave no room for chance and spontaneity will be a source of major disappointment in the coming months.

Mars in Gemini sextiling Jupiter rx in Aries resumes a route we abandoned or put on hold for lack of inspiration, confidence or collaborators. Taking a more relaxed approach and making information accessible by either share it publicly on multiple social platforms or using easy-to-understand language has a greater impact on the final product or personal project. Repeated trials strengthen direct experience from which we can make choices that are wiser and better suited to our purpose.

Venus in Leo opposing Saturn rx in Aquarius dissolves bonds that were based on egoistic values, vanity, and the desire to demonstrate or impress. Through the lesson of humility and humanity, the next chapter of social and relational life will be strengthened, and too much emphasis on artificial desires, on the imposition of the will, on theatrics and on narcissistic victimization will crack the foundation of the personality and strengthen defenses and pride.

The Shell of Thoughts by Daniela Frumușeanu