Luna Nouă în Balanță / Libra New Moon

Libra New Moon – Pandora’s Box

The Libra New Moon (September 25th, 2022 h21:54 UT) restores a sequence from a relational pattern acquired and perpetuated over generations to the point of maximum stretch. Fairness and equality as civilizing, culture and consciousness-forming principles become bastions of an era that is rapidly losing its contours and IS dissolving into the amorphous mass of primordial chaos, driven in reality by collective psychic regression.

The Libra New Moon conjunct with Mercury rx in Virgo passes through several filters the information whose value is called into question by repeated misreporting. Changing the position or attitude vis-à-vis an interaction not defined by a formal framework produces confusion and misunderstandings, and recreates the interrogative context whose purpose begins to tire and bore.

Venus in Virgo, ruler of the Libra New Moon, conjunct with it, reinforces a tendency towards caution and protection that we would willingly give up if the gaps in our conversations weren’t so glaring. The practical and utilitarian aspects of social and love ties far outweigh any tempting proposition of uncertain finality.

Venus conjunct with Mercury rx in Virgo reviews the events of the last period and gradually unties the knots and mental blocks that have obstructed and obscured the intentions and motivations of the parties. From the lack of romance to the commodification of eros, from the betrayal of personal values to the sterilization of feelings, the behavioral and reactionary spectrum highlights a deep fear of everything spontaneous, autonomous and beyond personal control.

Mars in Gemini squared by Venus – Mercury rx in Virgo opens a Pandora’s box of personality fragments, multiple psychotic centers and chronic indecisiveness. Mental tension quickly drains away in purportedly clarifying and constructive dialogues and generates logical and verbal short-circuits whose consequences are withdrawal, frustration and annoyance. Assuming the statements is the weak point for those who do not know what they want, but find it difficult to admit it, and for those who are already involved in other commitments.

The Libra New Moon opposing Jupiter rx in Aries highlights the major differences in individual and relational principles that underlie so many ill-fitting and superficial connections. The need to deal with the issues of the personal past and intervene in a responsible way cancels out the doomed attempts to throw the blame on someone else’s shoulders and move our emotional baggage to the next door.

Another Eve by Cornelia Tersanszki