New Moon in Taurus - A New World

New Moon in Taurus – A New World

The New Moon in Taurus demands a new approach to the material world with its subsidiary manifestations – professional and financial – and the arguments for or against it give way to the need to be present in real time and to participate consciously to the reality of one’s own existence. The field of consciousness, no matter how enriched and extended it may be after a long introspective period, must be connected to concrete experience and adjusted according to the answers received and the observations made.

The New Moon in Taurus in square with Saturn in Aquarius puts a brake on our creative impulses and asks us to design a plan to obtain the necessary resources before imagining the final result. Time and patience, the eternal allies, together with a well-thought-out strategy that also involves the responsibility of failure or success, will condition the next stage of work, namely the one in which we will correct and reintegrate some of the ideas.

The New Moon in Taurus in square with Jupiter in Aquarius restricts the area of possibilities that until recently seemed limitless or at least inexhaustible for a long time. In the face of limitations, all we have to do is adapt or ask for divine help, examining our ethics and beliefs that underlie our personal motivations. Is the goal to grow or to shock? Do we want to add value or to be right?

Venus in Gemini, the ruler of the New Moon in Taurus, in square with Jupiter in Aquarius, complicates the situation by unnecessarily amplifying the same concept or the same desire in different versions. What is lost in form, however, is gained in originality and stability with the help of discernment and maturity. “Playing” loses its charm if the exchange of energy or information is unilateral or superficial, and the loss of time does not benefit anyone.

Mercury in Gemini in trine with Saturn in Aquarius clarifies through a conversation or an inner monologue an issue that is apparently only on a mental level, but that transcends the personal. The past with its reverberations intra and intergenerational corresponds to the plans of intra and extrapsychic existence and influences a large part of our decisions, attitudes and behaviors. Between yesterday and tomorrow the only difference is often the ability to make the right connection and thus set in motion a new world.

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