Sagittarius Full Moon – Spiritual Mission

The Full Moon in Sagittarius illuminates a theme or field of knowledge whose vastness intimidates us and arouses our interest to the same extent. From the ocean of information that assaults us daily, a question or mission that opens a new spiritual and intellectual direction arises. Curiosity, enthusiasm and optimism combined with a sense of adventure color our routine and transpose us into the role of hero or heroine.

Jupiter in Pisces, the ruler of the Full Moon, in trine with Mercury in Gemini, delimits a period of 8 weeks (May 26th – July 18th) in which the process of searching, browsing and assimilating information is particularly favorable, especially for those who are in search of a new approach or a new subject of study. The risk that Mercury rx (May 30th – June 23th) outlines is related to the difficulty of choosing between multiple opinions, of distinguishing one’s own voice from that of others and of repeating errors of judgment or evaluation.

Jupiter in Pisces in square with the Full Moon sensitizes our papillae of imagination and fantasy and accentuates the pleasure of daydreaming, significantly contributing to a change of social paradigm whose effects we will see from next year. For the moment we are invited to walk with confidence and courage on an unexplored and unknown inner realm, sometimes barely intuited or felt among the countless filters that the conscious mind raises in front of the experiences that transgress the patterns of the dusty everyday life.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius in trine with Saturn rx in Aquarius confirms what a year ago was foreshadowed in the sky of our future existence by changes of frame that suggested a shift of the psychic center of gravity. Going back to that period helps us to remember or reconnect to a source of transpersonal power that gives meaning and importance to the present. The deepening of physical and non-physical matter gives us time until October to develop the structure on which we will build the next important chapter.

The Venus-Mercury conjunction in Gemini animates the conversations with one’s own soul, addressing those situations with the result of which we did not reconcile and which we would have liked to have completed differently. Repairing through word is possible only when we are willing not only to be understanding with our immature variants, but also to accept what we have thought, said and decided superficially and childishly.

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