Full Moon in Scorpio – Magma

The Full Moon in Scorpio leads to an emotional climax which we have been witnessing for several days. The confrontation with the shadow, the hidden and uncivilized part of everyone, is done by observing the mirror behavior of the partner, parents, children or friends. Anger and revenge, jealousy and envy, the tendency towards (self)annihilation, toxicity and manipulation, are just some of the feelings that charge and press on us before the final moment of release and transformation.

Mars in Cancer, the ruler of the Full Moon, adds a familial and familiar note to the atmosphere, throwing blackmail and victimization into play. Going back to the past, either through direct interaction with certain people or through regression, connects us to those behavioral and reactionary roots on which the whole scaffold of personality was built and around which autonomous complexes wrapped like lianas on the psychic trunk. Using its weapons in situations where we are most vulnerable, Mars in Cancer sets up a battle between generations in which the shadow power, masked by noble and pure intentions, shows its dark face in the image and images closest to us.

Saturn in Aquarius in square with the Full Moon in Scorpio cools the magma of the boiling feelings enough to allow us to evaluate the damage as objectively as possible. The need for awareness and accountability falls on the shoulders of the most mature who knows how to minimize losses and get out of this experience stronger and more pragmatic. Disappointments and upsets are the direct consequences of a semi-conscious act of positive projection on a person or relationship that can no longer function under the weight of enormous expectations.

The trine between Mars in Cancer, the Full Moon in Scorpio and Jupiter in Aquarius shows us the solution to this major impasse, namely the higher principles, moral and ethical, religious, spiritual or philosophical. Doing what is right instead of what I want or need is a choice that puts us face to face with our true intentions and motivations, the ones that fuel the energy we pour into our lives and the lives of others. The common interest that takes precedence over self-interest is the surest guarantee of a different future from the present, and a personal response to a transgenerational dilemma.

The Full Moon in Scorpio in opposition to Venus-Mercury in Taurus shakes some extremely fixed beliefs based on which we have made decisions with a definite impact for us. The possessiveness with which we resonate when the core of the problem reaches a sensitive chord is manifested by mental blindness to ideas or opinions that contradict internal “truths”. The fear of abandonment or loss is the source of conflicts that either trigger real understanding or perpetuate the same destructive pattern.

The sign of signs by Bogdan Gavrilean