New Moon in Pisces - Protoform

New Moon in Pisces – Protoform

The New Moon in Pisces shakes the last sheepskins of winter and precedes the astronomical and astrological beginning of spring, the March 20th Equinox. The swampy and cloudy waters of Pisces fertilize the seeds of the solar year and feed new possibilities, desires and ambitions. Like the primordial chaos, that initial mixture of protoforms, the New Moon in Pisces converges to life and its manifestations and provides us with various tools to refine the products of imagination, intuition and soul.

The New Moon in Pisces in conjunction with Venus in exaltation makes it easy for us to observe and appreciate good taste, creativity and beauty. The artistic and extrasensory sensitivity of Pisces is amplified by the delicate and charming touch of the goddess Venus, personification of the erotic and creative impulse of the species. Just as for the traditional man the aesthetic and the useful are two sides of the same coin, for the modern man, lost in the myriad mirrors that show him only the superficial part of the world, it is necessary to find a balance between the pronounced hedonistic tendency and the healing energy.

Jupiter in Aquarius, the ruler of the New Moon in Pisces, in conjunction with Mercury, whets our appetite for themes and topics that go beyond the area of intellectual and cultural comfort in which the only challenges are those of our minds. Originality consists in the ability to visually, notionally or spiritually reinterpret the treasure trove of knowledge gathered, settled and used by previous generations.

Mars in Gemini in trine with Saturn in Aquarius contributes significantly to the crystallization of the vision that enlivens us and pushes us out of the blockage generated by the huge fixed force of the air sign overcrowded in recent weeks. The options become certainties and the doubts dissipate like ghosts at dawn, leaving room for a clear and well-defined image of the future. The mixture between old and modern, forgotten and new, despised and valuable, gives birth to pearls whose multidimensional effects will be felt and seen in time.

Mars in Gemini in square with Mercury in Aquarius produces agitation and nervousness, and frustrations generate repeated attempts to find the right formula to meet the requirements and demands. The resistance that is activated every time we are about to overcome a stage or cross a threshold is exactly the clue we are looking for to confirm and convince ourselves of the correctness of our actions and decisions.

Ceramics by Ionela Mihuleac