Libra Full Moon – Equilibrium

The Full Moon in Libra brings together all 7 traditional planets and forms a complex astrological configuration called a kite, i.e. an air and a mixed air-fire pyramid, stabilized by the axis of opposition between the Moon in Libra and the Sun-Venus pair in Aries. The lack of the earth element may suggest either a weak practical sense or an auspicious moment for a change in the mechanisms of thought.

The great pyramid of air between the Moon in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius and Mars-North Node in Gemini highlights the ability to put into words concepts, ideas and theories and to communicate clearly not only what we think, but also what we feel. The ambivalence of behavior seduced by extremes tires and frustrates to the highest degree the good intentions, plans and need for harmony, and the known methods do not work. The radical, Saturnian approach is the only one that can put an end to a situation / relationship that disturbs us and entices us with false promises.

The mixed pyramid between Saturn in Aquarius, Mars-North Node in Gemini and Sun-Venus in Aries forms the kite’s tail and the part that, through its mobility, balances the whole. Initiatives, actions and decisions are successful only if what is pursued is a sincere desire to progress and not amazement for the sake of vanity and superficiality. The self-image we see reflected in the eyes of others is one of the many mirrors through which our true personality is revealed to us and it depends only on us how receptive we are to what we do not live consciously.

Mars in Gemini in square with Mercury in Pisces confuses the threads of thought if it has only itself as the sole source of conclusions and reasoning. Believing that change is easy and that this time things will be different just because we want to is the surest way to repeat a pattern that can only be described as toxic and even dangerous. The fantasy that secretly fuels carnal, romantic lusts or burning ambitions has its tentacles deeply rooted in the most vulnerable, naive and bona fide part of the soul and cleverly masks the mental prison in which we have been wandering for years as if in a maze.

Mars in Gemini in trine with Jupiter in Aquarius receives an extra dose of optimism if and only if it chooses reality instead of inventions and truth instead of dodging. Any avoidance of the liberating moment is a clear sign of intentions and feelings, and any refusal to accept what is in front of the eyes is voluntary participation.

Transcendence by Gavrilean Dragoș