Full Moon in Virgo – Avantgarde

The Full Moon in Virgo validates the efforts of the last two weeks, since the New Moon in Aquarius paved the way for a different kind of future. The turn of events, not so surprising for those who have been connected to the rhythm of the worlds, puts us on a trajectory that, although avant-garde, owes its configuration to the mutual exchange with the past, tradition and artistic, spiritual, creative or practical elements from older and newer cultures, civilizations and eras.

Mercury, the ruler of the Full Moon, in conjunction with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, fills his tank with ideas, concepts and theories deeply rooted in the original and reinterpretative spirit of the fixed air sign. Large-scale combinations generate a rupture at the visual, mental and verbal level, which glimpses the immaterial realm of eternal symbols, Consciousness itself crystallized into many primordial forms, changing and always the same, revealing and hiding in a permanent and hypnotic movement.

The Moon in Virgo opposed to Venus in Pisces increases the tension that in the intrapsychic plane creates difficulties of adaptation either in the concrete or in the creative direction, and extrapsychically generates feelings of envy and anxiety, as well as criticism. We are caught between the need for utility and the need to escape from reality, between the obsession with detail and the definition of the intimate belief that underlies our current actions. As the spirit cannot descend if it does not have a material support, neither can matter be unblocked without a strong infusion of idealism, daydreaming and trust in divine.

Mars in Taurus in square with Venus in Pisces compensates for the austerity and discipline through tender moments, satisfied desires and well-deserved pleasures. Personal rewards range from more time for rest to expensive shopping and activities designed to relax, disconnect and enchant our senses. Music, dance and the arts have a major impact on the psyche, which fills its batteries and prepares for a hectic and fast spring.

Traditions by Mimi Podeanu