New Moon in Aries – Revelation of Beginning

The New Moon in Aries converges to an original time and space, an inner point of great intensity and precision whose pulsations were scattered in a fan of experiences, events and consequences difficult to anticipate and perceive. The revelation of the beginning, that moment of special concrete and symbolic importance, reveals a unitary connection between the seemingly disparate sequences and the primordial cause.

The New Moon in Aries in conjunction with Venus increases the speed with which we react to strong emotional stimuli and marks the establishment of a relationship or a brand new chapter, focused on the needs and desires of the individual. Refusing to (re)enter into a symbiotic exchange and let ourselves be driven by empathy, pity, or sympathy may seem cruel and brutal, but the responsibility to take care of and for ourselves is, of course, the only way to have healthy and balanced relationships.

Mars in Gemini, the ruler of the New Moon in Aries, in sextile with the Moon-Sun-Venus in Aries trio cooperates bringing into the equation new information, scenarios and possibilities. Instead of oscillating between past or future, now or another time, maybe this way or maybe the other way around, Mars is stopped by the intense and focused energy of Aries that shows the direction to go and the task to be solved. Transparent communication brings clarifications on many psychic levels and mediates deep understanding.

Jupiter in Aquarius in sextile with Moon-Sun-Venus in Aries convinces by the power of example and gives strength to the principles it exposes eloquently and rigorously. Ethics, the highest human value, has in this context a decisive role in the coherent presentation of personal and scientific observations. Philosophical, political, or spiritual conversations carry more weight when supplemented by authentic and verifiable information.

Mercury in Aries in sextile with Saturn in Aquarius gives weight to conversations and is held back by Saturn’s maturity undisturbed by excesses and superficiality. Calmly, patiently and undisturbed by skepticism and lack of seriousness, Saturnian realism is slowly and surely shaping the conscious and unconscious contents that have been waiting for a long time to be sorted, classified and integrated into the thinking system.

Shaman by Constantin Crenganiș