Gemini New Moon – Variants

The Gemini New Moon mixes different possibilities, opinions and points of view in an attempt to find coherence and stability in mental patterns outdated or inappropriate to reality. Reaching the extremes is no longer just an exercise of mental gymnastics, but also an effort to get out of a narrative that has dictated our compulsions and behavior in the most subtle way. The plot, far from being simple, reaches a decisive climax beyond which there is a richer and more attractive range of choices.

The Gemini New Moon in sextile with Mars in Aries distributes the resources we can use in a certain direction and precipitates a new chapter whose outlines are not very clear yet, but whose imminence we have been feeling for several weeks. Although energy is high, sometimes too much activity is counterproductive and decreases concentration. Testing certain solutions or hypotheses is advisable before starting at full speed and getting fully involved in what provokes, annoys or frustrates us.

The Gemini New Moon in sextile with Jupiter in Aries opens a wide horizon of variants that can either overwhelm or delight us. The scenarios are based on a genuine desire to step out of the comfort zone and try something new, unfamiliar or unconventional. Independence in thinking is not necessarily seen in the proud defense of one’s own opinions, but in the ability to observe the big picture and not to allow errors of judgment to creep in as the truth.

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries starts a new personal, relational, professional or spiritual adventure whose meaning we will fully understand and integrate in 12 years. What we did not have the courage or strength to do suddenly becomes easy to complete and necessary in the context of smoldering grievances and major inconveniences. The spark that ignites the fire can appear either in the background of some tensions or from the impulse to protect the personal space.

Mercury rx in Taurus, the ruler of the New Moon, in square with Saturn in Aquarius, forces a mature and responsible decision and a separation between pleasures and whims on one hand, and sacrifices and renunciations on the other. A conversation centered on the future can break, separate, or strengthen an already solid and assumed foundation. Awareness of the consequences of the past for us and for others clarifies a delicate issue that has more or less subtly influenced our efforts to build a way of life, a status, or a lasting relationship.

Venus in Taurus in sextile with Saturn in Aquarius emphasizes what is really important, namely self-care and body-care, inner discipline, respect of the laws of nature and social rules. The measure in what we do becomes an imperative due to the general tendency to exaggerate, to exceed the limit and to stand out by any means and for any reason.

Art by Mihai Ungureanu