Taurus New Moon – Tectonic Plates

The Taurus New Moon in conjunction with Uranus favors the appearance of the surprise element that was encapsulated in the unconscious and created a seemingly logical scenario, extremely comfortable and reassuring. The tectonic plates in the inexhaustible reservoir of the depths of the soul move and the effect of these profound changes is the discovery of feelings, behaviors and intentions properly masked and motivated.

The Taurus New Moon in sextile with Mars in Pisces combines pampering with healing and builds a bridge between sensation and emotion, which we can walk on without fear and insecurity. Gentleness, tenderness, compassion, hugs, touches and pleasures compensate for the shock and violence with which defense mechanisms, conditioning and perspectives too narrow blow up. The embedding of new experiences and obvious truths is done gradually, with care and attention, and the widening of the mental framework has the effect of a more realistic and appropriate relationship with ourselves.

Venus in Pisces, the ruler of the New Moon, in conjunction with Jupiter, turns the initial surprise into a slightly exaggerated but authentic manifestation. Accepting the importance that a person has had in our lives and the principles and values associated with them makes our relational and spiritual needs take on a new meaning. Awareness of feelings, even if through amplification or idealization, forces us to include in the psychic space emotional and romantic feelings and experiences of great use for our growth and progress.

Mercury in Gemini in square with Saturn in Aquarius accentuates the states of discomfort that serious and responsible conversations trigger against the background of a sensitive topic, insufficiently understood or processed. The double game of words, conscious and unconscious, is exposed by the answers we receive in an attempt to find explanations or excuses for a dubious situation. Spontaneous and intense reactions are the silent testimony of some blockages that hide unknown aspects of the personality.

Mercury in Gemini in square with Mars in Pisces explodes in a verbal tirade whose purpose is to calm the mind and restore control, but the greater our efforts to convince (us), the faster the scenario built with much scrupulousness falls apart. Unfounded arguments are visible through their very fragile logic, and the tendency to manipulate conclusions by appealing to subjective or naive opinions is another nail in the coffin of unhealthy beliefs.

Art by Bakitkii Veaceslav Neculai