Cancer New Moon – Emotional Essence

The Cancer New Moon concentrates in a single capsule the entire emotional essence of a 12-year cycle whose complex pattern offers many answers, but also raises many questions. The deepest and most basic needs make their way to consciousness and color in extremely vivid shades our personality, feelings and relationships, acquiring increasingly obvious characteristics.

The Cancer New Moon in square with Jupiter in Aries amplifies the imaginative capacity and emotional sensitivity, acting as a silent nuclear reactor and penetrating the defense mechanisms that imprison us in fear, insecurity and distrust. Willing without genuine intent or in the name of the inner narcissist is tantamount to a missed opportunity to confront the weaknesses, naivety, and illusions created to sustain the fragile inner balance.

Venus in Gemini in sextile with Jupiter in Aries complicates the relational milieu fooling through the lightness and apparent acceptance of conflicting or disturbing situations. The lack of reaction, involvement and serious commitment is attractive in the eyes of those who seek the pleasures and benefits of the moment to the detriment of generosity, stability and teamwork. Seduction by word or gaze satisfies the ego trapped in its own vanity, acting like a huge magnet on our feelings and thoughts.

Mercury in Gemini in trine with Saturn rx in Aquarius allows clear and unmistakable observation of the dual mind in action, especially in matters of the past or that have not been resolved so far. Self-sabotage is all the more treacherous and convincing as obscurantism and intellectual deviations dominate cognitive processes. The indecision of the other reflects our own fears and dodging responsibilities and obligations is the clearest symptom of immaturity and superficiality.

Mercury in Gemini in sextile with Mars in Aries can be confusing when life requires a firm position and a precise approach. The urge to act on the first idea gets out of hand if we have not yet learned the value of patience, foresight, and reflection. The law of cause and effect is as real in the material world as it is in the psycho-spiritual world, and does not take into account rank, age, or color, despite our intimate beliefs that we can fake the all-seeing eye of the higher consciousness.

Mars in Aries in sextile with Saturn rx in Aquarius unifies the asperities caused by the annoying repetition of outdated and embodied scenarios in our fundamental structures, causing chain reactions and similar results. Getting out of this vicious circle involves not only learning the lessons, but also repairing, healing, and building new psychic systems capable of withstanding more and better the bad weather of life and the challenges of destiny.

A heart of Eve by Minodora Bîzgă Dobrovăț