Gemini New Moon – Short-Circuit

Gemini New Moon creates confusion and chaos in the minds of those who are used to looking for meaning and explanation, opening several directions to investigate. From flagrant misunderstandings to spontaneous repetitions, the mental and communicative universe is short-circuited by the countless question marks that appear instantly and remain attached to the emotional anchors. Are we misunderstood or is the other one playing with us? Did it seem to me or is my perception correct?

Gemini New Moon makes a conjunction with its ruler, Mercury rx, complicating the already fragile relationships and adding extra pressure in a delicate situation. Some ideas or opinions come back in force to be reanalyzed, re-discussed and rearranged, but before making final decisions it is prudent to wait for the fog to dissipate from our eyes. When the mind does not help us, intuition can take its place and bring a minimum of clarity that will later confirm or refute what we believed.

Mercury rx in Gemini in trine with Saturn rx in Aquarius leads us to a re-evaluation of some decisions and actions from the last 6 months, showing us not only the “fish tails” in which we left things, but also the need to definitively conclude a topic, a relationship or a discussion. Rechecking the pros and cons helps to better position oneself in relation to the sensitive topic and to correct excesses of zeal or interpretation.

Gemini New Moon in trine with Saturn rx in Aquarius puts a brake on a strong impulse to reconnect to something or someone from the past, miraculously forgetting all those personal and collective rules that have been violated and through which we have been wronged, fooled and hurt. The compulsive tendency to give another chance has its roots in the fear of loneliness, of not being accepted or of being excluded from the family and social circle.

Venus in Cancer in trine with Jupiter in Pisces balances the scale, inspiring us to be gentle, understanding and calm in approaching difficult people and contexts, and reminding us that punishment and coercion are not effective measures. Good words, gestures of affection and compassion defuse conflicts and put us in touch with the core of the being, humanizing and tempering the emotional, critical and ideological extremes.

Fools’ Ship by Ștefan Câlția