Capricorn Full Moon – Future’s Foundation

The Full Moon in Capricorn connects us to the more practical purposes of current reality and provides us with the ambition, seriousness and determination to lay an important brick in the foundation of the future. The need for emotional or professional stability translates into small, efficient and careful steps and the observance of the necessary times. The tactical approach, organized and carried out in the medium and long term will bring the expected results and the satisfaction of a job well done.

The Full Moon in Capricorn sextiling Jupiter rx in Pisces indicates a possible amplitude of the endeavor starting next year, remaining that until then we will find, through numerous trials and errors, the winning variant. The combination of earth and water suggests a successful match between certain practical skills and fertile imagination, ready to fixate on a material support and be presented to the world. Capricorn’s desire for success intertwines with the wonderful world of Pisces and creates a special product, idea or service.

Saturn rx in Aquarius, the ruler of the Full Moon in Capricorn, trining Mercury in Gemini helps to make a decision that in the last 3 weeks has been analyzed, amplified and reduced to its common denominator repeatedly. Being an older idea, it took a fermentation period before the first step was taken. From now on, it will be only in our responsibility to make sure that these actions are not in vain and to keep the direction that Saturn has already drawn.

Mars in Leo opposing Saturn rx in Aquarius reveals a less accepted side of human nature, that of intransigence and rigidity, doubled by a complex of power and authority. Behind the seemingly harmless and jovial speech we will detect strong wills, intimidation, enmity, envy and snobbery, and the wisest response to a challenge of such magnitude is impartial observation and compassionate acceptance.

Venus in Cancer without aspects can not help the intimate connection of souls nor a restoration of relational balance. Memories and the past can only influence our future if we allow them to invade our inner space and color our momentary disposition and intentions. Blame and emotional blackmail are losing cards in this game in which the more confident we are about the other’s position, the more surprised we will be by the consequences of our arrogance or naivete.

Ghosts and Mirrors by Adrian Stoleriu