Gemini Full Moon – Truth and Lie

The Gemini Full Moon proposes a difficult and complex theme whose echoes will last in our lives until the beginning of February. The options we have can be treated with superficiality and indifference or with seriousness and involvement, and between the two variants the major internal conflict that smolders and comes to the surface in the choice of words and messages with double meaning.

Mercury in Capricorn, the ruler of the Gemini Full Moon, without any major aspect to the other planets, feels lost between the desire to be carried away by the wave and the responsibility for his own promises, commitments or actions. On December 30th, in a rare encounter with Venus rx and Pluto, Mercury will give us a meaningful experience or conversation that will forever change the way we think and relate.

The Gemini Full Moon in trine with Jupiter in Aquarius acts as a shield for those instinctive impulses that threaten to plunge us into mental and emotional chaos. It is the overall perspective that can control a potentially explosive and destructive situation, as well as appealing to high principles or a moral stance with a direct influence on our state of mind.

Mars in Sagittarius in sextile with Saturn in Aquarius points its the energy in directions congruent with our future, with our ambitions and practical goals. During this period, the foundations are laid for a project or plan that Jupiter’s transit to Pisces in 2022 will sanctify. Freedom of expression, studies and interactions with other cultures and civilizations will find concrete use and will contribute to the broad expansion of consciousness that we are about to witness.

Venus begins its apparent backward motion through Capricorn until January 30th and recreates its conjunction with Pluto, the planet of obsessions, emotional intensity and temptations. As Venus withdraws from Pluto’s suffocating embrace, she will be able to continue her journey into the dark realm of relationships and feelings, from which she has to recover an important part of her personal past and sensual nature.

Veritas et falsitas by Laura Baiu