Cancer Full Moon – Self-Portrait

The Cancer Full Moon in Cancer recreates a canvas from before the cognitive memory took the place of the somatic memory in the structure of the psyche and the memories were soaked more in the impressions of the family members and less in the personal ones. Beneath the layers of unprocessed feelings in their pure state, the impulse of life that Nature, in her wisdom, hid in the unseen niches of the instinctual world, pulsates alive and eternal.

The Cancer Full Moon opposing Pluto in Capricorn blows up a false self that has taken the place, in the distant past of our life history, perhaps even before we came into the world, of the real one, settling as an impostor on the throne of personality and hiding under the invisible helmet of illusion. What is not seen and therefore has no name, takes the most seductive and convincing forms, fooling us, and shines not because it has turned darkness into light, but because it perfectly mimics our obscure desires.

Mercury rx in conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius ensures a superior and mature understanding of complicated issues, either through people with a good knowledge of human experiences, or through written or audio materials. Asking the same question over and over again is, in this particular context, a way out of a mental maze and access to a major truth. Beyond the individual expressions of experiences there is the awareness of belonging to the collective human registry which we are all part of and unites us deeply.

Venus rx in Capricorn in sextile with Jupiter in Pisces brings back into question the system of values and principles that guided us to this point and that crookedly shaped what we call personality. From the extrovert who mimics self-confidence and gestures of affected goodwill to the introvert who thinks no one is interested in his opinions and persona, we all have a moral duty to correct what is deviant and deviated in ours and others behavior and reactions.

Mars in Sagittarius in sextile with Jupiter in Pisces prepares the ground for a period in which work without a clear strategy will not bear fruit, and energy will be consumed unnecessarily without favorable preconditions. Constant concentration and assuming action and its results allow important plans to run smoothly and grow as if out of water. Everything we do with the clear intention of offering, educating, blessing and healing is under the protection of the great benefic and supports the efforts of the collective conscience.

Archetype by Loredana Gașpar