Sagittarius New Moon – Target

The Sagittarius New Moon helps us to set and redefine the major goals we want to check in the next period, taking into account a new set of principles and ideals formed in the last year. Living authentically, from our own nature, is an act of courage and commitment and requires a constant readjustment to both the events of the inner world and the outer circumstances.

The New Moon in conjunction with Mercury in Sagittarius generates a communicative flow that encompasses a wide range of topics addressed, discussed, and debated with people other than our regular circle. The transmission of information contributes significantly to the dissemination of knowledge, wisdom and experience, and builds a bridge between generations, styles and philosophies of life.

The Sagittarius New Moon sextiling Saturn in Aquarius consolidates a number of important decisions with a long-term role in our lives, and the choices are made seriously and responsibly, without drama and confusion. Focusing on what is safe, reliable, and stable has noticeable effects on setting priorities and removing the mental and emotional ballast that sometimes obscures and obscures perspective.

Mercury in Sagittarius sextiling Saturn in Aquarius uses frankness and sincerity to make it easier to understand and accept a message whose impact will be realized in a few months. The saturnian millstone that hangs hard on the neck of the much desired and sought after freedom can become the cornerstone of existence and the foundation on which we build a new personality, a new career or a new set of rules.

Mars in Scorpio squaring Jupiter in Aquarius, the ruler of the Sagittarius New Moon, threatens to break an armistice and use the element of surprise to ensure his final victory. Although material, financial, and professional interests are important, there is a dimension to this conflict that can easily get under the radar and remain unused. The question is whether what we are looking for is peace or domination of the other?

Venus in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn (December 7th – 28th, 2021) puts relationships to the test, especially those whose stake is financial, real estate, material or professional. The desire to be the sole owners of what we have built with much torment, suffering and sacrifice compromises the chance to connect to our soul values and blows up what has accumulated in the deep layers of the psyche, painting a picture of contradictory, violent and heartbreaking feelings.

Art by Bodnariu Gabriel