Aquarius New Moon – Mind’s Matrix

Aquarius New Moon (January 21st, 2023 h220:53 UT) expands lines of thought interrupted by trauma, distorted perceptions and mistrust, making possible new realities and new options. Psychic conflicts that cast shadows and doubts on a life plan or possibilities are mediated by a larger and more unifying consciousness, guided by a set of precise and solid rules. The matrix of the mind, whose forms create existence itself, resets according to an original and innovative algorithm.

Aquarius New Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn leaves behind the old order, established on the law of talion and patriarchal power, and heralds the emergence of a new socio-cultural paradigm. At the intrapsychic level, a rigid and punitive structure shakes under the precise and repetitive blows of the ego that wants to free itself definitively from the chaotic tyranny of the defensive system, and at the relational level, a new conduct based on current needs and desires is imposed.

Aquarius New Moon in trine to Mars in Gemini communicates in a natural and fluid way, offering complex points of view and dealing with unusual or little-discussed topics due to the sensitive material or taboo with which they are surrounded. The different angles of analysis and reflection invite the interlocutors to an intellectual feast sprinkled with curiosities and seasoned with opinions supported either by personal experience or by serious documentation.

Aquarius New Moon sextiling Jupiter in Aries ignites rebellious spirits and gives them the opportunity to make their non-conformist and atypical ideas known. The courage to be who you are is rewarded in an environment that honors and supports daring, pioneering and avant-garde, even if sometimes fear, disinterest or docility seem to thwart the efforts. An older project finds its place in the present context or is reanimated by a new collaboration or decision.

Saturn in Aquarius, the ruler of the New Moon, makes a conjunction with Venus in Aquarius and puts the official stamp on those relationships that have a chance to last and can be based on realistic foundations. Personal values and vision of the future are the ground on which romantic or professional relationships are discussed, negotiated, disputed or dissolved. Every misconduct or attempt to treat the other with contempt or disrespect will result in a swift and final consequence.

Mercury in Capricorn squaring Jupiter in Aries teaches us how to select the important information and how to filter out the noise that diverts attention from the essential to the superficial, from the central to the peripheral. The tendency to communicate as much as possible can hinder efficiency and cover the main concepts we use as arguments in our demonstration. The risk of taking the observations or criticisms we receive personally is high if we fail to disidentify from the omniscient position.

Mars in Gemini in sextile with Jupiter in Aries awakens vital energy whose direction has been ambiguous until recently. By imagining unexplored horizons and unlived philosophies of life, we fertilize the seeds of a world imbued with a strong sense of hope and optimism. The mental discipline that we see best in safe and natural choices helps to strengthen this new chapter and to personal and collective development and emancipation.

Art by Zoita Nicoleta Panciu