Leo Full Moon – Personal Meaning

Leo Full Moon (February 5th, 2023 h18:28 UT) challenges the inner authority based on the need to control and dominate that has favored in the last 30 years the reinforcement of a scale of values empty of personal meaning. The outer image, the main vector in the perpetuation of fundamental egocentrism, is analyzed with a lens that magnifies and captures the narcissistic vein around which aspects of the personality intertwine, and moves the center of gravity from the social and conformist framework to the personal and unique.

Leo Full Moon in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius signals resistance to change opposed by a fixed necessity that suffers neither postponement nor compromise. The more vehement the denial, obstinacy and refusal, the more intense and rigid the pressure exerted. The major consequences of this conflict will weigh heavily in the medium and long term and will define in firm terms our future course.

Sun in Aquarius, the ruler of the Full Moon, in conjunction with Saturn on the last hundred meters of its transit in Aquarius, complicates the demands of maturing only if we allow exaggerated pride to dictate the pace and conditions of one’s life. A last effort is required as proof of loyalty and seriousness, and the ability to endure uncertainty, lack of resources or helplessness is the winning ticket of a period that we will consider a cornerstone in the psychic structure.

Leo Full Moon in sextile with Mars in Gemini coordinates a direction of action whose landmarks are malleable enough to allow for quick adaptation and spontaneous flexibility. Doubts and possible scenarios dissipate when the evaluation grid has authenticity and joy in the middle. Communicating how you feel is an act not only of courage, but also of taking ownership of one’s own desires, and graciously accepting the other’s response is part of the self’s protocol.

Leo Full Moon in trine with Jupiter in Aries stretches to its limits the philosophical and spiritual framework within which the belief system that has guided our existence even before we were aware of it was formed, honed and eroded. Trusting these conditions is an act of faith and a release from the crushing burden of inhuman and impossible demands. Discovering your native qualities, appreciating and valuing them in a natural way is the equivalent of the diamond hidden in the black core of matter and brought to the light.

Venus in Pisces squaring Mars in Gemini disturbs the perception and understanding of relational situations, emphasizing erotic fantasy, unconscious desires and deceptive promises. The double register in which we communicate, verbally and non-verbally, highlights the psychic duality and separation between mind and body, psyche and soma, hedonism and asceticism. Difficult trials are not about how much we indulge in our pleasures, but about how ready we are to mend the cracks in our most beautiful stories.

Handmade by Lohmüller Gyuri