Tarot Reading

The reading is an access path to the realm of the soul and aims to bring information from the deep layers of the psychic to the surface. Types of spreads: relational, professional and general.

Personal Astrochart

The personal astrochart answers in astrological terms to the 3 existential questions: who am I? (natal chart); where am I heading? (annual chart); are we compatible? (relational astrochart).

Romantic profile

The romantic profile analyzes the major themes of the love life with the help of the astrochart’s elements and of the Tarot symbols, and highlights the innate emotional, relational and erotic needs.

Personal myth

The personal myth explores the particularities of the story that hides in seemingly insignificant details the plan that the divinity has designed for our spiritual transformation.

For any ordered astrochart, you receive a free tarot reading of your choice. The session for each service takes approximately 60 minutes, and the audio recording is sent to you afterwards.
Required infos:
– for the natal astrochart: day, month, year, approximate time and place of birth;
– for the yearly astrochart: day, month, year, approximate time and place of birth, as well as the current location (if different from birth place);
– for the relationship astrochart: day, month, year, approximate time and place of birth for both people.

The services I offer DO NOT answer to questions such as:

1. Is (s)he cheating on me?
2. Will I pass the exam?
3. Will I ever marry?
4. Should I move from the country?
5. When will I get my money?
6. Do I have spells cast upon me?
7. Will (s)he propose?
8. Will I find a job?
9. Will I ever have any children?
10. What do I do in x situation?
11. Will we reconcile?
12. Does (s)he lies to me?
13. My surgery will succeed?
14. Does (s)he love me?
15. How to pick lottery numbers?
16. Will we be together forever?