Pisces New Moon – The Netful

Pisces New Moon (February 20th, 2023 h07:05 UT) discreetly announces a new Saturnian chapter that will begin in two weeks, on March 7th, 2023, and will last until February 14th, 2026. Subtly shaping the new paradigm, replacing reason and spirit with intuition and sensitivity, the Pisces New Moos ensnares primordial images, archaic phantasms, and transcendent experiences.

Pisces New Moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius filters the stream of psychic waves that threaten to engulf the being, leaving it defenseless against its own depth. The rock of the intellect and the principle of reality prevent danger, making it possible to analyze, interpret and integrate experiences with greater confidence in one’s own resources. Maturity and discipline of thought eases the arduous work of sorting through and using the resources we (re)discover.

Jupiter in Aries, the ruler of the Pisces New Moon, conjunct Venus at the last degree in Pisces, sets a new direction, conduct or life philosophy and empowers with courage and determination. The courses of action are chosen not only according to one’s own goals, but also according to the consequences they will have. Considering the relationships and people important to us at a critical time is a sign of affection, respect and compassion.

Jupiter in Aries sextiling Mercury in Aquarius opens a dialogue between thought and faith, between science and religion, between evidence and conviction. What can be explained is not the definitive proof of knowledge, and what is credible is not necessarily conform to consensual reality. Convincing the other of a personal “truth” is sometimes a demonstration of well-disguised doubts and confusions among well-formulated arguments.

Mercury in Aquarius in trine to Mars in Gemini refreshes the atmosphere slightly soured by the different points of view whose weakness resides either in superficiality or in disinterest. The surprise might come from someone who has not only a solid background, but an above-average intelligence with which to back up their opinions and which allows them to easily spot impostors and braggarts.

Art by Georgescu Gabriela