New Moon in Pisces – Inner Ocean

The New Moon in Pisces withdraws the waves of the unconscious and thus allows an ideal, a hidden desire or from long ago to make contact with the consciousness. The spiritual energy of the watery sign is converted into an artistic, romantic or charitable purpose that puts us in touch with an unexpressed or insufficiently so part of our creativity, sensitivity and generosity.

The conjunction of the New Moon with Mercury rx in Pisces activates the associative mind which instead of reason and logic uses symbols and metaphors. Day and night dreams contain messages and tips encrypted in the most natural and most incomprehensible language for the modern man, that of the soul. The mutability of the 3 planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury) suggests the possibility of profound transformation of a thinking mode based on fear, superstition and cosmetization, defense mechanisms as efficient, as confusing.

The sextile of the New Moon with Mars in Capricorn helps the emotional and mental stabilization of the personal vision, the sense of duty and responsibility having precedence in the face of the pleasure of delaying indefinitely. The calculated actions, the minimum risks and the precaution reinforce the sense of reality that already tells us that what is being outlined in this period will require patience and effort. Projects, directions, and aspirations springing from love, wisdom, and divine inspiration will be those that will pass the tests of time, authenticity, and importance.

Jupiter in Capricorn, the ruler of the New Moon, casts an exact square with Venus in Aries, reminding us, like 12 years ago, that dreams are worked for, they do not fulfil themselves. The haste, the pride and the ease with which we go through certain life lessons meant to open our eyes and pay attention to our social behavior will soon be taxed by Saturn in Capricorn who will teach the bumptious Venus what good manners, seriousness and integrity mean.

The morning of February 26th hosts the perfect conjunction between the Sun and Mercury, a moment of great mental clarity, revelations and dream effervescence. A clear trut as the sunlight will penetrate the endless depths of the darkness of matter, extracting a pearl from the mud of the inner ocean and releasing us from the golem made from the chopped parts of our heart.

Painting by Bernardino Fungai, 1512