New Moon in Cancer – Monochromatic

The New Moon in Cancer (June 21st, 2020) penetrates the surface layers of the egocentric core, allowing the release of emotional tensions accumulated over time and sheltered under the covert of oblivion, ignorance or avoidance. Control is difficult to achieve when we are reminded of past events that arouse nostalgia and tenderness on one hand, and anger, aggression, shame and resentment on the other. The confusion about the relevance of these returns to a long time ago is due to the difficulty of seeing an analogy between the condition of then and now.

The New Moon in Cancer in square with Mars in Pisces adds an extra of illusion and idealization that confuses rather than helps, creating a perfect framework for projecting the most fanciful desires and unreal scenarios. The need to merge with the universe, with the other or with love is a strong stimulus that hides a deep dependence and insecurity. Psychic regression, characteristic of those who have not developed the tools to adapt to reality, forces us to relive humiliating, unnatural and strange experiences.

The sextile between Mars in Pisces and the pair Jupiter rx in Capricorn – Saturn rx in Aquarius confirms our beliefs about the evolution of people we have long considered friends, allies or models. Despite apparent material progress or stability, people make few lasting and truly important inner changes, preferring to invent excuses for their inability or lack of interest in self-knowledge, improvement, and mental growth.

The trine between Venus rx in Gemini and Saturn rx in Aquarius tells us that it is time to give up certain relationships that waste our time, resources and energy, keeping us stuck in a story whose end will never be happy. The commitments we have made must be abandoned in favor of focusing on the personal process of maturing and accepting human limits. Trying to save a love potential contributes to the current difficulties that are not negligible nor simple at all.

Mercury rx in Cancer casts no aspect, preferring to analyze intuitively and symbolically what objectively and rationally makes no sense. The behavior and decisions we make are influenced by instincts, complexes, and events whose invisible traces color what we wrongly perceive in black and white, monochromatic, and we lack as such richer, more satisfying, and more meaningful feelings.

Ex Nihilo, Frederick Hart, 1978 – 1984