New Moon in Aries – Don Quixote

The New Moon in Aries in sextile with Saturn in Aquarius unfolds in front of our unbelieving and amazed eyes a spectacle as if from a war scenario. The spontaneous and aggressive energy of the first fiery sign ignites the minds of those who believe that reality is only temporarily distorted and that the danger is not as serious as it is said. Despite attempts to bypass the restrictions and to be brave like super heroes, those who will be hit first are the ones who fight, like Don Quixote, with the windmills and by no means with the true enemy.

Mars in Capricorn, the ruler of the New Moon in Aries, is part of a triple conjunction with Jupiter and Pluto, the two gods that rule above and below. Through this open vortex in the Horn of the Goat the souls emerge from the shell of clay in which they lived a glimpse of time and head for the land of no return, where the Invisible One and his Cerberus reign and compart the merciless law of Moira. Death, disease, poverty and old age are the price that humanity pays for the daring to have stolen the divine fire and to play with the gift of knowledge and creation.

Venus in Taurus continues her unstoppable mission, greening and blossoming everywhere she passes and filling the earth with color. The raw green, symbol of abundance, of life and of love, contrasts sharply with the blackened clothes of death that haunt us when we dream and when we are awake. Eden, the beautiful garden of Adam and Eve, is hidden beneath the mountains of rubbish, plastic and waste, and each century further distances us from the source of our existence and of the biosphere we are an integral part of.

The trine between Venus and the Capricorn planets suggests the necessity to share resources with the less fortunate, the sick, the old, and the poor, who are the scapegoats for the sins of greedy and immoral humanity. The fragile construction of social and economic systems, for a long time in agony, crash down on the backs of the many and the ignorant, swallowing up rotten principles, toxic mentalities and deadly carelessness. The apparent wealth that the powerful spread hoping that they will succeed in stopping the inevitable shows us that in fact the world is kept in poverty and misery so that these models of human organization maintain their domination at any cost.

Mercury in Pisces, disoriented and without real understanding of the situation, influences the mental state already so precarious, throwing us into the illusion of the saving solution that will come from above or from the earth and remove us from this nightmare. Just as in the parable of the emperor’s new clothes, most of us continue to carry the shiny and beautiful train that never existed in reality.

Visions of Don Quijote by Octavio Campo, 1989