New Moon in Aquarius – Resonance field

The New Moon in Aquarius represents not only a beginning, but a continuation of a process or project that we have kept away from the eyes of the world and our daily concerns. Despite previous jams, lack of time or trust, this time we manage to coagulate ideas and pieces of information in a more accessible form that can be communicated and imagined. The restrains so far are scattered like fog in the light of consciousness, making possible this daring action, which we postponed as much as we could.

Saturn in Capricorn, the ruler of this New Moon, enjoys the characteristic loneliness and isolation, not aligning with any of the planets and contemplating the chthonic elemental that underlies the structure of matter. In less than a year, the future will take such complex and unusual forms even for the most avant-garde brains, and the atomic and molecular matrix will be radically and irreversibly changed.

The New Moon in conjunction with Mercury in Aquarius guarantees the continuous flow of inspiration and originality, creating a real field of mental resonance that allows us to decipher what until now was only a blurred and amorphous image. The brain’s computer screen mirrors with precision and fidelity a futuristic probability mathematically calculated over the last few months. Innovative concepts are worth weighing and analyzing no matter how impossible they seem to be in the present, because during the Aquarius season the surprises and sudden changes will not be missing from the weekly menu.

Mars in Sagittarius in sextile with the New Moon and Mercury in Aquarius provide the fuel needed for this brave endeavor that in 3 weeks will become part of our professional, material or financial arsenal. In the last minute it is necessary to work out the most important details: the framework in which the activity is carried out and its purpose. The martian fire spreads a light soaked with the highest principles and the noblest intentions, warming the confused spirits and finding a lost direction.

Venus in Pisces in square with Mars in Sagittarius ingnites the much-tried idealism of dreaming beings, creating a breach in our life philosophy or in the hyper-realistic projections that over 3 weeks will succumb under the weight of the responsibilities and difficulties inherent to newness. The sextile of ethereal Venus with Jupiter in Capricorn brings us closer to the pragmatic and repetitive dimension of existence devoid of the reverie’s time and resources consuming spell, putting pressure on the specific ambiguity of the watery sign.

Art by Ernst Fuchs