Leo New Moon – Boomerang

The Leo New Moon establishes a new order in which individual needs, peculiarities and the fundamental character of the being shine in the light of the new beginning. Shame, guilt, and fear of rejection evaporate when we understand that the easiest way to be is the personal, natural one that simply fits who we are and what we express.

The Leo New Moon in trine with Jupiter in Aries proposes a major leap, an extensive reconfiguration of the framework in which our image of ourselves has artificially constructed needs, desires and beliefs commensurate with our fears, blockages and cowardice. The opportunity to get out of the comfort zone and step surely and confidently on a new path brings with it a series of tests of an initiatory character, designed to strengthen our new integrity and change an outdated moral code.

Jupiter in Aries in square to Venus in Cancer forces a graceful and common sense act, each taking care not to offend, upset or inconvenience the other. Jupiter’s retrogradade motion a few hours after the Leo New Moon shows the discomfort or refusal to accept a new or different philosophy of life, but also the need to give ourselves time to unpack, analyze and integrate new concepts.

The Mars-Uranus-North Node triple conjunction in Taurus disturbs a status quo whose expiration date has already passed, but which we artificially keep alive. The disturbing factor, intense and brutal, overturns a world of appearances, illusions and deviations generating false universes, addictions and vices, a self-control that costs us our very existence. Awakening to a profound and undeniable reality becomes a mission whose stake is the future and our place in it.

Mercury in Leo in opposition to Saturn rx in Aquarius reflects the dyad intellectual vanity – authentic knowledge, and on our position within this dynamic depends the transition from a rigid identification with opinions to the intellectual spacing indispensable to maturation and the sequencing of mental flow. Controversy over past themes, past events or long-forgotten statements can further separate the fragments of an already fragile unity, or invite self-reflection and objectivity.

The T-square between Mars-Uranus-North Node in Taurus, Mercury in Leo and Saturn rx in Aquarius acts like a boomerang that on the way back violently cuts through the ego, resistance, stubbornness and inflation with which we hope to overcome the critical moment and to return to the familiar bubble. In time we will remember this event as a major turning point in our personal existence whose consequences we will decipher in the months and years to come.

Solaris by Mihail Brunea