Full Moon in Virgo – Present Future

The Full Moon in Virgo combines the simple, therapeutic and helpful energy with the deep need for emotional and mental healing, resulting in a new way to understand and apply practically what the theory reveals. The process in which we learn and re-learn what has been wrongly infiltrated into our minds comes to an end, and the discoveries and conclusions all lead to a single denouement.

Mercury in Aquarius, the ruler of the Full Moon, in the last hours of retrograde motion, smoothes the way to the next stage. Until then, we can take advantage of a few days in which to develop the details that will complete the final plan, before we start investing heavily in our future. The concept of life, world and existence forces a new paradigm whose fundamental role is to radically change outdated opinions, bigotry and ignorance.

Full Moon in Virgo in trine with Mars in Capricorn activates the ambition to succeed socially and professionally and motivates us to check the small but significant progress made in the last 3 weeks. The attention to detail combined with the robustness prepare the ground for a well-deserved achievement that we will enjoy in April. The main condition for our efforts to lead to success is to improve our professional skills and thus consolidate our position in society and on the hierarchical scale.

Jupiter in Capricorn in trine with the Full Moon in Virgo helps us to level out the excesses of optimism and good disposition, replacing them with a realistic and at times even cynical vision, which awakens us brutally and unceremoniously. The details that come out all converge to an overview where personal principles and beliefs are interwoven to form a model. The meaning so dear to Jupiter becomes a burden whose weight presses horribly on the shoulders of those who do not see beyond the illusion of materiality.

The Full Moon in Virgo in trine with Saturn in Capricorn strengthens our sense of duty and responsibility, making us conscientious and determined. The task of drawing the last tweaks of a level of consciousness that will become reality in December keep our attention awake and alert. The conflict between the old and the new world, between the patriarchy with the wrong and biased rules and the egalitarian society that is born under our eyes will intensify as man, in his apathy and greed, becomes the victim of his own vanity and stupidity.

The Symbolism of the Dreams, Ernst Fuchs