Full Moon in Leo – Heart’s Prayer

The Full Moon in Leo compensates in a unique way the powerful energy consumption from the beginning of the year which, subtly or not, forced us to look in the face the most vulnerable and sensitive part of the soul. Naturally, the transition from the water elemental, emotional and delicate, to that of fire, impulsive and determined, is accompanied by events and experiences that intensify the activity from the level of the heart, physical organ and vital center.

The Sun in Aquarius, the ruler of the Full Moon, shares the light of universal consciousness with the Moon, helping us to understand how we can unite the intellect with the emotional without causing frustration to the mind nor pain to the soul. To keep the mind in the heart is, in this context, an urge that goes beyond religious or dogmatic boundaries, revealing a deeper and more authentic spiritual level. The ideological coloration, so dear to the air sign with the widest rational openness, does not serve the ultimate purpose of the experience, namely the acceptance of inherently human duality.

The Full Moon in Leo in trine with Mars in the Sagittarius, the warrior and defender of the faith, gives us the courage to support the actions started from the real desire to unleash and release what has been closed in the dungeons of the heart. The divine help we receive, in the form of advice or an almost miraculous intervention, confirms that the time is right and that we have the support of the spiritual world. The prayer of the heart, a service or a ceremony in which we participate or we celebrate are so many opportunities to connect to the source of life whose powerful and mysterious impulses animate us.

Saturn in Capricorn in sextile with Venus in Aries moderates the spontaneous tendencies of the beautiful Amazon who feels that the time has come to raise the flag of battle and start a revolt. Fortunately, the daimon of time and of the past reminds us of the consequences we are about to cause and stops us in its specific way, blocking us or testing our patience.

Mercury in Pisces in sextile with Jupiter in Capricorn adds another page to the intimate diary of our existence, and old times have more meaning looked at in order to discover the invisible connections between generations, eras and people. Compassion and acceptance of the personal, family or collective mission, open a new direction in our spiritual evolution, following that between February 17th and March 10th, as Mercury will be retrograde, we identify the fantasy elements that frequently appear in our judgment and restrain our maturation.

Art by Peter van Straten