Full Moon in Gemini – In search of truth

The Full Moon in Gemini corresponds to the chaotic state before the storm, at which point we strive to protect what we consider to be valuable and useful. The duality specific to the air sign, represented by the Castor and Pollux dioscuri, puts us in difficulty, and the attempts to find the simplest and most consequence-free path lead nowhere. An important message is about to be received by our confused mind, and the information creates a ripple effect in our judgment. To look at a situation or a relationship from both perspectives means, on one hand, our ability to be receptive, and on the other, the inability to fully engage in one direction.

Mercury in Sagittarius, the ruler of the Full Moon, does not cast any aspect, preferring solitude, discretion or even isolation. The search for the truth becomes a vital mission even for the most apathetic or pragmatic of us, but rational instruments no longer meet the moral, legal or principled demands. The beginning of January will find us facing a profoundly transformative experience that will prove to be the end of our current concerns.

The Venus-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn tests our resilience, patience and concentration, and family, business or romantic relationships whose purpose and seriousness have not been proven so far will break under the weight of memories and lack of confidence. The return of an element we know very well throws us in a regressive spiral whose purpose is not to destroy us, but to make us aware of the pattern on which we unconsciously choose our partners, friends, confidants. As Saturn’s tests are ultimately proof of emotional, spiritual and mental maturity, it is not so surprising that we are examined through our weaknesses and character.

Mars in Scorpio in sextile with the Venus-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn keeps the erotic tension under control, each of those involved not having to face the risk of rejection or defeat. The masked war hides the desire to control the people close to us and to make them submit to our own will, but from this confrontation only the powerful and masterful will emerge victorious. Long-term strategies, patience and key allies are the most useful working methods, especially since the stake is not negligible at all.

Lindworm by Kay Nielsen